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Workshops – Workplay

We look at the values of a team or business and the models of what drive teams and its culture and we use Work Play – Work Shops as a differentiating factor in corporate learning. The board game is about business and soccer and how we can learn more about the business by playing a game. The happier you are the better you learn.

Our training methodology is largely based around the analogy of sport. Sport has a fanatical impact on the SA nation. The Donald/Klusner run-out depressed the nation, while Joel Stransky’s drop-kick lifted the nation, and there is nothing to beat the fanatical impact soccer has on our nation.

The combination of exciting sports content, up to date practical and theoretical material and company personalised content makes our training distinctive and successful. Click here for more!


We follow a guided format for facilitating strategic workshops to guide the executives to the desired outcomes. The aim of the workshop is to deliver on high performance, fully committed individuals who are aimed to serve and achieve the same goal.

  1. Preparation for facilitation day is paramount
  2. Preface the rules of the day with expectations
  3. Brain language training and expected challenges for the day
  4. Investigate the drivers of each individual and how this supports the organisation
  5. Committing to high performance/behavior practices that support the vision.
  6. Groups workshops on desired outcomes
  7. Open floor discussion

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