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Leadership Programs

We coach and facilitate Leadership programs that operate in 80 countries across 25 languages. We deliver a unique Leadership “step change” process used internationally by Team Leaders, Supervisors, Middle Management, Funders, Managing Directors and CEO’s who are growing and shifting their teams in pursuit of increasing effectiveness and profitability.

Values and Belief Drivers

Understanding the drivers behind the behaviour strategy, why people do what they do and how to align that with your business. Empowering individuals to find their strengths and develop from within

Presentation Skills

8 week program working with individuals or teams on effectively delivering the message, understanding how to prep, what your presentation looks like, how to conduct yourself, tone, body language and brain language to deliver key messaging

Middle Management Leadership Programs

Key accomplishments, Organisation Skills, Power of Enthusiasm, Motivation, Communication /Effectiveness ,Management Skills and how to Overcome Discouragement, the Art of Listening, Qualities of a Successful Executive

Assessments and Evaluation

Extensive testing of employees and employers to get the best results for training requirement and value drivers to your business. Leadership strength and evaluation with extensive coaching

Organizational Wellness

Wellness program to enhance measurable wellness and performance within the organisation.

Customer Experience

Understanding the difference between customer experience and customer service. Designing the best behavioral strategy for pre/persuasion results within any industry

8 Step MVO

Define the drivers. Define measurement and win-win agreements. Assign necessary programs Follow a 8 -16 week program with weekly feedback on each process Check in and re-assess progress Graduate from program Assess any other areas of concern .


1on1 Life and Business coaching options. Focuses on personal leadership , wellness, limiting beliefs and specific outcomes set. Malleable process