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Understanding the difference between customer experience and customer service. Designing the best behavioural strategy for pre/persuasion results within any industry.

Having a coach in your industry will improve business performance and outcomes. With our GBP ( General Brain Profiling) and NLP Coaching methodology, we help your team perform best! We look at limiting beliefs, confidence and value drivers. Understanding the drivers behind the behaviour strategy, why people do what they do and how to align that with your business becomes an empowering tool for individuals to find their strengths and develop from within

With 25 years of expert experience on our team, we know what customer experience looks like. Featuring in areas like

  • Creating a Culture of Excellence 
  • Customer Experience and Journey
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Customer Complaints
  • Teamwork 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Communication 
  • Process and Procedures
  • Culture & Values 
  • Workplace Etiquette 

Subtle cues can suggest authenticity or reveal deceit. The language we use in communicating with customers and prospects impacts our ability to excite them about the topic at hand and close the sale. What we say — and how we say it — matters.

Different words trigger predictable behaviors in people. Some encourage listeners to open up and let down their guard. Others create resistance and cause audiences to become defensive. Every word you choose can trigger a feeling or emotion; it is your job to carefully select your words to maximize the impact of your message.

Salespeople who understand the psychology of communication and language learn how to upgrade their vocabulary to include words and phrases that help clients develop positive associations with their brand and product. And because language is such a powerful tool, sales reps can significantly increase their close rates simply by swapping out a handful of things they normally say with high-impact vocabulary. 12+ years experience in a practical sales application featuring in areas like

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales 
  • Customer Experience and Journey
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Sales Skills Language 
    • Milton Erickson vague and ambiguous language
    • Chunking for information
    • State of the Sales team
    • Key questions 
  • Brand inside the brand 
  • Communication 
  • Process and Procedures
  • Culture & Values 
  • Rapport
  • Practicals & Coaching 

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