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Resilient Motivation

What is resilience?

An Old African saying goes: ‘You know how well a roof was built when the rains come’ which is true to people as well. What we want to focus on is how do we do this specifically. So what is resilience:

    • The ability to bounce back with new skills
    • Capacity to absorb stress and maintain yourself
    • Strength to navigate stressful times
    • Ability to adapt to the moments that are thrown your way
    • Being able to understand boundaries and how to set them
    • Finding happiness and what to cultivate within yourself
    • Ability to cultivate confidence – Looking at self worth/self esteem
    • Defining how to become the hero of your story
    • Finding a daily practice behaviour of ongoing resilience


Who benefits from it?

This program is designed to for teams and group classes to have moments of reflection as a master class. Some of the benefits include:
    • Wanting to improve your sense of well-being at home/work or in relationships
    • Having experience risk/stress /uncertainty and what to do with that
    • Surviving uncertain times and how to support yourself and your mental wellbeing
    • Wanting to move beyond recovery to start thriving in life
    • Team cohesion and motivation
    • Goal orientation


The content overview for this includes pre & post assessments. Foundation to motivation and supporting this with values and behaviours. Understanding the importance of boundaries and how to cultivate this more effectively. Understanding that confidence is a state and we all can reach this state more effectively and effortlessly. Supporting habit performed behaviour to improve your day to day habits and how to achieve this more effectively.
    • Resilience assessment
    • Foundation to motivation
    • Rethink Clear Thinking
    • Mindfulness &
    • Boundaries
    • Growing happiness
    • Cultivating Confidence
    • Daily Method of Operation


Weekly process:

    • 1 x 6 weekly training
    • 1:1 Facilitated Learning
    • 1,5 Hour per week with coach
    • Online Zoom group classes 
    • Scheduled according to your schedule
    • Materials designed for a proven learning experience
    • 1on1 Coaching recommended
    • Min group criteria 


It was such an honor to work with the 25 delegates from the Momentum Team here are some of the information they share as feedback:

“I’ve learned that it’s Ok to say No. So many stop-start behaviours that one can apply”
“A great session indeed – the learning was phenomenal! Awesome session . Thank you”


“Sho Kevin really asked questions and gave insight on crucial conversations one should be having with themselves. I was blown away and grateful to discover myself. Thank you Kevin”


“It was one of the most insightful learning pods for me so far. I got a lot out of these two sessions and feel equipped to take the necessary steps to apply boundaries and take my hero journey further. Amazing and thought provoking! Enjoyed it a lot!” 


“Wonderful experience to have met Kevin. He told about his past life which shows how transparent he is. I enjoyed his engagements with us”


Program Manager at Regenesys Business School – Robyn Shirley

So proud to be part of the Regenesys Business School’s faculty and to receive this kind of feedback.

“I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a future leadership programme we designed for Momentum. Kevin not only was able to connect to the group of young talent, but provided them with the skills and knowledge to confidently define their purpose and further develop their ‘why’.

Kevin challenged their thinking and facilitated content that was not only relevant and impactful, but challenged their ‘comfort zone thinking’ and pushed them to consider beyond their own boundaries to be the hero of their own story.

Kevin made such an impact that in many coaching and presentation sessions you would often hear his name being referenced to as participants reminded each other to continue to align to their highest value and claim their space.

Thank you, Kevin”


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