It all starts with you, consciously and unconsciously! You have decided to make an investment in yourself by discovering more about yourself namely your personal Genetic Brain Profile (GBP) designed by Dr Annette Lotter! Some of the facts that you will discover might be familiar but we hope that there might be some delightful surprises for you as well – some talent which you might not have utilized yet. Thus you might wonder about the why and how of your GBP.

The 3 key areas of measurement are based on:

  • Relationship styles
  • Thinking styles
  • Feelings and emotions

The dominance patterns were observed with the intention of eliciting the individual’s genetic profile. The profile indicates the preferred cognitive and operational functioning under normal circumstances and the predicted compensations during stress.

Match your employees strengths to their career type in areas of persuasion, modesty, evaluative, innovative, conscientious, competitive, decisive and more. All teams thrive because of this approach working with our expert – Tracy -Leigh van der Merwe

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