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Developing leaders in your business.

Middle managers also act as communicators for upper management, delivering information about organizational change initiatives and strategies to those in lower levels of the organization. The tone in which these messages are delivered can influence whether initiatives succeed or fail.

The 5 most important ways to improve the leadership competence of middle managers are:

  1. Develop their ability to interpret the meaning of events (give them the opportunity to sharpen judgment and practice strategic thinking, give them tools to champion change and evaluate initiatives)
  2. Develop their ability to create alignment on objectives and strategies through all layers of the organization (teach them to drive results and foster open communication, and challenge them to improve systems/processes and tactics that facilitate communication and achievement of results)
  3. Increase their commitment and optimism (this will help them to build confidence to influence others and lead courageously)
  4. Build mutual trust and cooperation, strengthen collective identity (foster enthusiasm and teamwork as a management team)
  5. Develop their ability to organize and coordinate activities (improve systems and processes, manage execution, build relationships, stretch personal ability to adapt and develop)

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Most managers and team leaders lack the leadership and managerial skills necessary to suit their management positions. Our Effective Leadership Development program engages leaders and front-line managers or middle managers in an exciting and proven learning process, empowering them to achieve real, measurable improvement in productivity, performance, and results. An extra benefit for leaders and front-line managers is learning how to develop their people by equipping them with the skills necessary to build a high-performance team.

  • 1 x 8 week program 
  • 1:1 Facilitated Learning 
  • 1 x Hour per week with coach
  • Win – Win agreement signed
  • Online Zoom/Microsoft Teams ONLY
  • Scheduled according to your schedule 
  • Access to courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Audio, quizzes and interactive content
  • Materials designed for a proven learning experience