Kevin Britz
Kevin Britz


I’ve had a passion for working with people for most of my life. Today as a NLP Master Practitioner my aim to equip corporates with valuable techniques to improve general well being of individuals to perform at their peak. 



Studies show that:

  • 1 in 4 employees have been diagnosed with depression
  • South African study shows 40 % of all work related illness is 
    • due to work-related stress
    • major depression
    • burnout  
    • anxiety disorders
  • Most employers tend to underestimate the financial impact of mental illness on their bottom line
  • According to the IDEA study of the depression costs South Africa more than R232 billion.
  • Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting up to 350 million people, according to the World Health Organisations.
  • “These findings suggest that depression is an issue deserving global attention, regardless of a country’s economic development, national income or culture



Challenges we face:

      • Productivity
      • Team cohesion
      • Team energy
      • Team engagement and morale 
      • Lack of Communication
      • General attitude
      • Individual focus
      • Cultural differences
      • Not enough time
      • Absenteeism and constant illness
      • Lack of motivation
      • Respect for self and each other
      • Taking responsibility
      • Not dealing with conflict

Outcome based approach:

  • Greater performance & productivity
  • Stability of staff
  • Work satisfaction & Amazing customer service
  • Better organizational communication
  • Mental and physical health
  • Self-awareness & Self-management
  • Self-motivation & Personal empowerment
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management
  • Improved confidence
  • Saving time keeping people in-house



Areas of coaching and mentoring:

Work Life coaching

      • Influence and help reduce anxiety,
      • stress management
      • dealing with limiting beliefs
      • enhance and cultivate self-esteem
      • become your own hero
      • recognizing values and impact to a business environment
      • relaxation hypnosis techniques 
      • self anchoring performance state
      • self anchoring performance state
      • learn to forgive – pattern and technique
      • conflict resolution and how to deal with conflict
      • failure into feedback
      •  team performance 
      • creating positivity



Personal Life 

      • understand and end self sabotage
      • self nurturing techniques and self love
      • core transformation and beliefs to change your life
      • relationship clarifying pattern technique
      • cultivating confidence
      • falling in love pattern
      • phobia cure pattern
      • change eating habits technique
      • learn to forgive – pattern and technique
      • spelling strategy
      • dealing with grief
      • resolving personal conflict
      • reducing allergies