The 1 thing people forget all the time



Today I attended a consumer workshop. A man of impeccable knowledge and understanding of who your consumer is, and how to tap into the target consumer.

We so very often forget that we as human beings are still talking to human beings and that’s what we get wrong all the time. We get so caught up in our heads with overthinking, that we forget that we still need to connect to people.

We learned how to explore creativity and how creativity enhances brand reputation. How creativity can quantify brand strategy. How important taking risks are in your brand and how much can be learned from those who do.

But then we got to intuition. How intuition can influence the brand name. Technology can’t substitute intuition and yet brands constantly aim at newer technology and and and…

Intuition increases customer experience.


The 1 thing we forget is that we are people dealing with people. Upskilling and teaching people how to be better people “increases customer experience”. Better customer experience increases sales. Do I need to carry on?

People who deal with people need a life skill. People need to know how to cultivate confidence in themselves. People need to learn how to effectively communicate. People need to learn how important body language plays a role in all environments where we build relationships which are… EVERYWHERE


Currently, we teach “presenter skills” but not purely for presenting a presentation. We forget that we all present ourselves to friends, colleagues, our spouses, our children, basically EVERYWHERE!

Its human interaction that increases customer satisfaction. Are you best equipped for that?

Thanks for reading :-)