So what’s new with you?

The famous Anthony Robbins says “by changing nothing, nothing changes.” The reason most people don’t change their lives is purely based on how much action they take on a daily basis. The funniest thing about change is that, change is inevitable. Nothing ever stays the same but somehow because we live in our same house and go to our same job everyday we live under the illusion that things stay the same. If we simplify this more, we age, we learn, we experience happiness, pain, anger all the time. All of these things happen all the time but without our realising it so NOTHING stays the same ever.

Old Way versus New Way

The question we need to ask ourselves is:  “How much inconvenience am I willing to live with?”

The amazing Lisa Nichols teaches us that convenience doesn’t live on the same block as conviction. Why’s is that?

When we start something new in our lives, a new job, new gym routine or a new goal set for 2018 – these things will inevitably be new to our lives, they may even be challenging. But that’s the point. To achieve anything new being uncomfortable for a while is a pre-requisite to change. It’s almost a requirement.

So what’s new with you? Are we still attempting a new life with an old road map? Are we still attempting massive changes with minimal action.  Do it today. Change everything. Change the furniture, change the company you keep, change the your world, change your mind and change your life.

So what’s new with me. So far 2018 seems to have started off with change. No not comfortable, easy-going, flick of the wrist kinda stuff but HELL am I learning!