Put your name on the list


Too often we as parents, partners, friends and family forget to put our name on the list of priorities. We get so caught up with life that we forget to consider what is really important. We forget that without “being great at me”


I can’t really be great for someone else.


We tend to live our lives looking after others needs. What will that mean if I don’t do something for my colleague or partner?


What if I said no?


What will they think?


What will “they” say if I don’t feel like it today?


What will “they” assume about me when I’m not there for them?


What will “they” do if I took some time out for me?


Time to stop that! Time to put your name on the list. But as no1.



My Name





They most important person in my world is ME! Then everyone else. If I’m at ease happy or content I fail at life in any case. It comes to no surprise that self efficacy and self confidence comes from appreciation of self. If we don’t take heed of putting ourselves first and cultivating a good healthy self image, we start to negotiate our own well being and start getting a lot of things wrong in life.


Put your name on your list FIRST! The rest can wait.


Easy? No, not necessarily but unbelievably essential. We can only give what we have to give and if we don’t give ourselves anything how could we ever possibly give to anyone else.

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle on YOU. Because you deserve that.


Now go be amazing !