I’m not a doctor. But I study human behaviour. In recent years studies have shown a variety of factors that are affecting our health and in turn affecting our businesses. We know that social media says “we’re connecting” and yes in many ways it does but it’s also a primary result of why we are disconnecting. Recent studies on LinkedIn has shown the number 1 skills that the world will need in the next 20 years is soft skills. The ability to speak and communicate effectively.

This week I have encounters corporatea, friends and family members experiencing a similar problem. Disconnect. We find ourselves living in a culture that doesn’t meet our basic needs.

  1. Connection

  2. Purpose

  3. Sense of certainty about our future


These are key reason through many online studies to why people are depressed. People being a colleague, a friend, a brother, sister. It’s every where around us and it’s not getting better.

As someone who has suffered from depression we often think that it’s a sign of weakness and something to be ashamed of and often we feel crazy and or pretty darn useless and that’s not the truth. If you are depressed, if you are anxious your not going mad, you are a human being with unmet needs.

Psychology teaches us that there are major areas of human needs that need to be met and if they aren’t as human being we will act out in certain behaviours until they are met:

  1. Love and Connection – Significance

  2. Need for Certainty – Need for Variety

  3. Need for Growth – Need for Contribution

  4. Need for Safety – Need for Security


This is why we need to start thinking about depression differently. The author Johann Hari writes in his book, “lost connections” Most of the depression he suffered he thought was purely biological factors which wasn’t the case but rather up to 9 different factors that influence why we get depressed. e.g.

  1. If you feel very lonely you much more likely to get depressed

  2. If you feel controlled at work you are much likely to become depressed

  3. If you don’t feel like you have a sense of the future you much likely to become depressed

  4. If you don’t get to see the natural world you are much more likely to get depressed


He speaks of a farmer who once stood on a land mine and lost he legs in the rice fields. Went to hospital, lost his limb and needed an artificial limb. He eventually went back to the rice fields and he couldn’t work any longer because of the pain. He became very depressed. He then decided to buy a cow and become a dairy farmer instead and within a few weeks he wasn’t depressed anymore. With this they deduced that the cow became the mans antidepressant.

On some level antidepressants should remain on the table of discussion but we also have to relook at what our daily lives are showing us and radically expand the menu of options for people who are suffering from depression to deal with the deeper underlying issues on why we are feeling this way.

Studies show that many cases of depression is linked to a deep pain and grief in ones childhood. From NLP Practitioners point of few dealing with grief, sadness, pain, anger and guilt is largely part of what debilitates our lives on a daily basis.

So the question is as a business owner, corporate executive do we have a coach that can help us through these areas of concern.

Does your business have a qualified coach on call to help anyone that does suffer from depression?

There is too much evidence to in the world right now for this to be ignored. People need to resolve the conflict, people want to resolve the conflict. Do corporates create enough safety and security for us to be able to deal with this. We have a need to connect, we have a longing to connect and we can do this by re-looking how we set up our lives and businesses.

Just because you may suffer from depression doesn’t mean you are broken it simply means you need to find the right people to talk to and be shown more love and compassion. After all, business is about people.

thanks for reading