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When we face a crisis instinctively we want to go smaller. We make ourselves smaller and we tend to hide, avoid, run or fight. Currently we want to be safe and we want to spend time with people who matter the most. I get it.

But in between being safe and out of harms way we still need to be keeping ourselves perky and forward thinking somehow? But how?

LMI has been ranked as #1 leadership program in the world by Entrepreneur magazine purely based on the fact that we even consider when times are tough our people are important – what do we do? We rise. We develop. We change. We NEVER give up!

The “Attitude is Everything” program is designed for attitude. It’s designed for when we fear or when we fail. It’s designed to cultivate something new from within. Something we tend to ignore most of the time. It’s designed for crisis.

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Attitude is Everything:

Develop a “Bullet Proof” mental platform from which to achieve success at a level that you have not experienced before. A must for everyone, Attitude Is Everything has m

odules of attitude development and emotional intelligence enhancement that forms the basic sub-conscious competence required by winners and top performers.

  • 4 week engagement
  • 1 hr facilitation
  • Leadership program online
  • 20 Min 1on1 sessions with your coach
  • Min group of 5 

Overview of this course:

  1. Slight Edge:
    • There’s Power in Positive Expectancy!
    • How Positive Expectancy Works
    • Developing an Attitude of Positive Expectancy
    • Summary and Affirmations
    • I Believe
  2. Cultivating an Abundance Attitude
    • Physical Abundance
    • The Abundance of Mental Potential
    • The Choice is Yours
    • Unleashing and Using Your Potential
    • Abundance Attitude: Results and Re-
    • wards
  3. Psychology
    • Successfully Programming Your Goal
    • Setting Computer
    • Putting the Power of Goal Setting into
    • Action
    • Enhancing Your Self-Image
    • Principles That Get Results
    • Summary and Affirmations
    • I Am
  4. Never Give up
    • Why People Quit!
    • A Plan for Developing Persistence
    • Turning Adversity into Opportunity
    • Summary and Affirmations
    • I Am Determined


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