About Us


Short story about our company


A while ago this company started from an idea. Creating 1 module for training, working with 1 client from Nedbank and having great success with it.


In the last 4 years, Voice by Design now known as Business by Design went from working with 1on1 clients to some of the biggest call centre’s in SA.  Also connecting Business by Design to international leadership programs that run in 80 different countries 25 different languages.


Today Business by Design is connected to a wide reaching areas of business from consultants, psychologist, life coaches and business strategist aimed at working with SME’s in South Africa. Re-engineering strategic behaviors for business supported with value driven staff.


We pride ourselves in different approaches to business and the wellness of businesses and how this affect people in a business.

Our Mission

Build sustainable relationships with clients Add ongoing support and value to everyone Challenge and approach every new project wholistically

Our Approach

Step 1 – Let’s chat and find the resonance. Step 2 – Let’s meet and plan. Step 3 – Let’s take action and change








Many Remote office too 

Our Team


Kevin Britz

Business/Team Performance Coach. Master practitioner Business Development Sales and Customer Experience Coach. LMI Licensee and Facilitator

Monique DeVilliers

Corporate Burnout Specialist/Psychologist Business Performance/Wellness Coach. LMI Associate

Jenni Nixon

Business Consultant, Behavioural Coach | Facilitator | LMI Associate


NLP Coach / Business Coach LMI associate wanted