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Leadership with Intention
Discover Values and Belief Drivers
Identify specific areas of improvement
Assess and Evaluate
Management styles and Leadership
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Luise Peters – Marketing Manager – Wimpy SA



I really enjoyed my time spent with the Business by Design team in preparation for our annual Wimpy conference. Kevin helped me not only with my script and the content thereof but also taught me how to use tonality, emotion, and body language to land a message and get buy-in from a large audience. Kevin is a great coach and I really found great benefit from working with the Voice by Design team. I would definitely recommend these services to all Marketing and Brand managers who find themselves presenting or needing to improve communication skills.

Our Principles



How does the energy flow within you. How does it resonate. Can you define it? Understanding the importance of how this inevitably affects outcomes will always be a game changer


Understanding the value of who we are and why we do what we do is paramount to success. How we add value and how we receive value. Imbedded as human behaviour drivers


Have a different approach. Consider the influencing factors and approach with intention. What intention would you like to create. What does intention look like? How does it show up .

Our Skills

  • Leadership Programs
  • Middle Management Programs
  • Life Coaching | Business Coaching
  • Psychology and Assessments
  • Stress and Anxiety Workshops
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Confidence, Self Talk
  • Call Centre Training
  • Customer eXperience
  • Brand awareness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication Skill Set
  • Break through sessions
  • Firewalking

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How to create sustainable relationships with your clients.


Call Centre Training. Taking sales to the next level and building lasting relationships. Exceptional team performance

Keegor Group

Dedicated leadership programs. Improved success with goal setting and management. Increased turnover at almost 10 times GDP growth in the period

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